BrainDoc | Psychotherapy
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I am trained and experienced in conventional “talk therapy” in which your concerns are discussed in light of your personal history, current circumstances, and personal resources – all of which are then brought together toward problem resolution.

Therapy begins with an initial meeting in which we discuss the reasons that bring you to therapy, my impression of what may be causing and maintaining the problems, and what might be helpful in resolving the issues. Essentially, together we develop goals for therapy.

Subsequent sessions, usually weekly, will address the problems as planned. This often involves obtaining a personal history including family history, medical history, substance abuse history, and any prior mental health treatment, if any. We will discuss what you have tried to address the issues in the past and look at what was helpful and what wasn’t. Therapy involves examination of feelings and thoughts that are related to the issues at hand. Other therapeutic methods may be recommended, if appropriate.

My goal is to provide a safe and supportive setting in which we explore YOU. You are your own best expert! When we put together your expertise and mine, the outcome should be movement toward personal growth and freedom.