BrainDoc | I’m Already in Therapy. Can I have Neurofeedback too?
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I’m Already in Therapy. Can I have Neurofeedback too?

I’m Already in Therapy. Can I have Neurofeedback too?

This is a very common question and the answer is “absolutely”. I frequently treat patients with Neurofeedback who are also in Individual Psychotherapy with another therapist. The two modalities are very complimentary. And with your written permission, allowing your therapist and myself to communicate with each other can be extremely beneficial. We, together with any other practitioners you are working with, comprise your treatment team! Sometimes it takes a village!

Neurofeedback overlaps nicely with psychotherapy. It addresses some of the same issues like anxiety or depression, but it does so in a unique way. Together, the treatment can be even more effective.

The same question of ten comes up about medication. Again it is fine to do both the medication and the Neurofeedback. Of course it is important to inform the prescribing physician that you are in Neurofeedback treatment so that medication can be adjusted as symptoms improve. This should strictly be done under physician direction.

The one caveat to the above is that it is best not to begin more than one form of treatment at one time. That way you know what improvements are due to which treatment.